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1998 Messages From Bridget!

Christmas 1998

October 16, 1998

Because of a family wedding, and professional involvements, I am unable to answer the mail right now. But I do read each and every one, and I love all of the posts!

October 13, 1998

The Here Come The Brides 30th Anniversary celebration made being 30 years older worth it. It was warm and wonderful and the people gathered were charming, bright and delightful. I was honored to be in their midst. Susie deserved every single charm on that extraordinary bracelet that the Internet Intelligentsia put upon her wrist!

More to come.......

August 1998

Upon reading your entries in my Guest-Book, (which Patti passes along to me since I am computer illiterate), I am continually overwhelmed and warmed by the care you have taken of your HERE COME THE BRIDES memories. I feel honored to have been part of the "team", especially fortunate to have been chosen to create Candy Pruitt, and thrilled that, while we were having the time of our lives on a show we truly believed in, you allowed us to touch your lives along the way. Your personal messages mean a great deal to me and though I can't answer each and every one at the length it deserves, I will attempt a Group Blab this first time around if that's okay.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back last February, I was greeted by showers of Birthday greetings from the likes of Patti and Susie, Barb with an "e", Marsha Baughan, Pam Nichols, Mary, and Mary too, and Robert Delligatti whose final stanza of the Happy Birthday son was "How o-old are you now?"  Well, Robert, I'm am 30 years older than I was way-back-then, and before it's time to make it 31, I want to thank you all for making my Birthday brighter!

HELLO Jack Forbes and Darrell Jones, my Edmonds class-mates. How great to hear from you! Darrell, in answer to your Irish Toast:

"May the roof above us never fall in,
And may we friends gathered below
Never fall out."

I would love to know more about how and where you both are.
As for you Kelly Paxton, my memory dims as to exactly what I did to fix your car on the way to the old Masonic Temple for Canteen. Do I dare ask for the details? And while we're in Edmonds---Leslie Jones Aliverti, I adore you and all your messages from Wasilla, Alaska. Your entire family is so much a part of my being; you Dad who mentored and so inspired me and your Mom who should be cloned.

And no a little HANLEY business: John Hanley of Melbourne, Australia, I HOPE we're related. A huge Hanley Hug to you, Sandra, Melinda, Raches. and Frances. And Steve Hanley, singer-dancer-actor in Montreal City, Quebec, we just might be related. My Dad's Dad, Timothy Hanley, evidently came to the United States via Montreal. We are still trying to find the link there and the one to Ireland. I have recently come across some documents that might help to clear up the Canadian connection. CHEERS!

It has been such a pleasure to meet a number of you BRIDES-MAIDS and BRIDES-GUYS(?) at the Hollywood Collector's Show(s), and what a joy to have Marsha, Karen, and Christyn Baughan in the audience in Virginia for a performance of NOISES OFF. Marsha, I'm glad you three liked the chocolate sardines.

Peri Muhich, I'm still applauding your extraordinary efforts on your Mercer Girl Project. How great it was to be "home" to meet you and Karen Harris, and to learn more about Asa Mercer and the girls whose existence and courage breathed HCTB into being. Kim M. from Rockville, MD., Linda Taylor from Virginia Beach (who spent hours trying) and "JLBKO" from Rochester (who bought a hairpiece of curs to wear to school), I want you to know that Candy Curls inhabit a portion of my closet still. Maybe we should reprint the photo layout from way-back-when that showed Joyce Morrison (Susan's and my hairdresser and great friend) doing the Candy-Do-step-by-step.

Linda "Got to BE ME" W. and Mary-Jeanne Graham who wanted to be me, I'm glad that you're you. A special hug each!

There seems to have been a few Candy crushes along the way. Garth G. Groff, Bill Green, Robert from Wyoming, John from Michigan, and Joe in Virginia from NJ--I am delighted, sirs!

To each of you already mentioned and to Lauren Bishop, Lisa Pritchard, Bobbi, Wayne Daniels, Debbie, Cindy Beard, Karen Burgess, Brent M. Jones, Jude, Helen Brondnos, Karen from New York, Roz from Milwaukee, and Lisa Riefer, comes my thanks for remembering and caring and sharing. Holly Baum also.

Melanie Hallford and Jo Ellen Wagnon, I believe that HERE COME THE BRIDES is re-running as we speak on KONG-TV in Seattle on Sundays. And from what I hear, the episodes are fairly intact for a change.

Kimberly from sunny and hot California:

"You must come with us in moonlight,
You must glide with us and cross
The wide gray star-bright river
In a shawl of riding moss."
(The squirrels liked you too.)

In closing I'd like to share this delightful message from Teresa in MA:
Just wanted to say "Hi!" When I was younger, the only TV show I used to watch was "Here Come The Brides" after my friends told me how good it was. I loved all of the characters. My friends and I used to act out the shows all week long and make up new stories as we would wait for the next episode. After the series ended, my family moved to Belgium. At one point  they had "100 Filles A Marier"
which was HERE COME THE BRIDES dubbed in French. I used to tape record the show and discuss it with a friend I had met there. She didn't speak English and I didn't really speak French, but somehow we managed to teach each other how to speak each other's language as we discussed the show. Recently, while web surfing, I searched for HERE COME THE BRIDES and discovered that there is still a group of fans. We have become good friends. (Though I wished I'd found them in time to go to the  AOL Chat and meet you and Susan Tolsky and Mitzi Hoag!) My daughters have not seen tapes of the show and the younger of them plays "Candy & Jeremy" with her Barbie dolls. The shows have held up well, and I find that I enjoy them just as much as before, except the characters don't seem so old to me anymore (darn it!). So, here's to all of the cast, the crew and the stories of HERE COME THE BRIDES! ------Teresa

I would love to have seen us speaking French!!!  Thanks, Teresa!

Again, in closing -- to Patti and Susie who have turned on this light to our past, I thank you so much for your energies, your elbow grease, and your love. It is returned!

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