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1999 Messages From Bridget!

July 14, 1999

Dear Here Come The Brides-Maids and Men,

I am thrilled, honored, grateful, and overwhelmed with your generous response for the SAVE OUR CABIN campaign. You are truly making a difference!

There have bee all sorts of wonderful ideas about creating items to sell on the CABIN STORE. Unfortunately, I have had to turn a number of them down due to licensing and copyright conflicts. Columbia Pictures Television (Screen Gems) own the right to HERE COME THE BRIDES and any merchandising that might arise from the title and the show. Therefore, by law, I, thee, and we cannot create anything new to sell that infringes on that copyright whether it be not-for-profit (as is the case with the CABIN) or for-profit purposes. All Items or books based on the HERE COME THE BRIDES title/or characters must have a letter of permission or agreement from Columbia. It is not my permission to give.

So, if you have been turned down regarding an idea, please-oh-please don't take it personally. Your creativity and artistry receives wild applause. But, I must be extremely careful to keep Candy Pruitt OUT OF JAIL!

My continuing gratitude for helping to SAVE OUR CABIN and my love,


April, 1999

Between Megan's college graduation on May 15, and my committee work for Betty Garrett's 80th birthday bash hosted by Carol Reiner on May 17, the Actor's Fund Tony Awards Evening on June 6th at the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, the beginning acting class I am teaching, and the possibility of some May Day Sermon and Bronwen shows soon, I haven't had a chance to let everyone know ho honored and thrilled I am with the extraordinary generosity of you Bridesmaids and Bridesmen on behalf of our little log cabin.
I will give Patti some new news as soon as these various events are under control.
Meanwhile I send my love....


February , 1999

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