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Candy Pruitt and the other HCTB characters influenced many of the fans.  There were a lot of Candy crushes amongst the male fans, and almost all of the female fans have a favorite Bolt brother. But, Candy Pruitt was a favorite for both male and female fans.

Recently, Maggie took an on line poll to see how many people had named their pets or even their children after cast members of the show:

Here Come the Brides touched the heart of many kids growing up, and once grown, the warm memories of the characters were passed on to the ones we loved!   Some Brides fans name their children after characters. Barbe's daughter Josie dated a young man named Josh, who had two brothers guess it!....Jason and Jeremy. In an interesting twist, Jason had curly hair, Jeremy ended up with straight brown hair, and Joshua's hair was short and blond!  Marlan's daughter Candice dated a boy named Jason, who had a brother named Jeremy. C.B's neighbor's grandkids were named Jeremy, Joshua, and Jason, while Elissa knew a graduate student at NYU named--get this!--Jason Aaron Stempel!

Many people, including myself, named their pets after Brides characters. Cat-crazy Marsha had cats named Candy, Jeremy, Biddie, Lottie, and Molly. Susan's gray cat is Jeremy, as is Kim's dog. Other dogs include Sharon's pound puppy Clancey, Brenda's "wise, sweet, and protective" dog Candy, Susan's Australian Shepherd, also named Candy, and my wonderful Australian Shepherd/Springer mix, 14 1/2 years old, my beautiful Clancy. 

Besides cats and dogs, other critters made their mark-Sharon's rabbit Taffy, two miniature donkeys belonging to Elissa named Jason and Joshua, and Nancy's hamster called Jeremy, and Candy the parakeet! Oh, I almost forgot-I have a stubborn calf, who took off on his own once, and from then on was dubbed 'Rafe'!  

A lovely story comes from Mary Ellen. The character of Candy was so important to her, that she took 'Bridget' as her Confirmation name.

The reason I did this survey (besides curiosity!), was to show Bridget, Bobby, Susan, Robert, David, and everyone else connected with Brides just how important an impact they made in our lives, that we would want to carry on the characters names in our own families.  Thanks guys, for all of your great responses!

Thank you, Maggie!

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