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Candy Pruitt's alter ego, Bridget Hanley, recently visited San Francisco, California, and was inexplicably drawn to the Sailing Ship Restaurant. This ship is said to be Capt'n Clancey's ship from the pilot episode of Here Come The Brides.  The ship sunk many years ago (see photo from a local newspaper below), but was raised and restored.  Bridget would like to share with us the pictures she took that day and her observations (in quotes) during the visit. 



"Could this be THE porthole?" 
(Same as the one Candy is looking out of in her banner atop this page?) 
"Notice Candy's ghost in this photo!"


"Could this be the hole that sank her?"

 Where are the sails?


THIS  looks like Clancey's ship

This one doesn't

Entrance to the Sailing Ship Restaurant

Tipsy Schooner---The three-masted schooner Ellen, which has been anchored off Cabrillo Beach at San Pedro since January, is mysteriously sinking. Owner Tom Hurley, said the $50,000 ship had been used as a background in two TV shows. He said he had not been told the craft was sinking. Hurley said the vessel had been guarded by a man who was living aboard, but Fire Department Drivers who investigated said the schooner was abandoned and it's dinghy was missing. Two Coast Guardsmen are in the rigging setting up the lights. (Photo by Jack Gaunt)

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