The Fans of Here Come The Brides  involvement in the 
Save Our Cabin Campaign  

Have you ever wondered how the Save Our Cabin Campaign became a part of the Here Come The Brides? 
In November 1998 Bridget Hanley passed along to me photos, newspaper clippings, and information regarding her family's Little Cabin with a Soul.  She told its lovely history, and its second life in Edmonds, Washington, but she also explained it was in dire need of repairs. At the same time the Edmonds, Washington Historical Society and the Edmonds Historical Museum together were gathering together to start the campaign to Save Our Cabin! In February 1999 Bridget asked if I would create a web site to help the Edmonds Museum get the word out to all of Bridget's fans and the fans of Here Come The Brides here on the internet.

Bridget's Save Our Cabin Campaign Site went up that same month and Bridget and I began brainstorming ways to help raise the funds needed ($60,000 to $80,000) for the restoration project. We wanted to include ALL the fans of Here Come The Brides in our efforts. Another brainstorming session with Robert Brown and we came up with the plan to sell Here Come The Brides cast member memorabilia to raise money for the cabin. I suggested to Robert Brown the idea of a Save Our Cabin Store which opened its doors on the internet in March, 1999.

The response from the fans themselves was wonderful! First, there were the fans who donated items, which got the store up and running. Many other fans purchased items, and others made direct donations through the Cabin Store. Every single penny of their donations have gone to the restoration and preservation of the Ganahl-Hanley Cabin. And of course the cast members have been equally wonderful. Many of the cast members besides Bridget Hanley and Robert Brown  donated items for sale on the store which has contributed tremendously to the campaign's success.  Bridget donated several Here Come The Brides items; her original scripts signed by the cast members and props from the set of Here Come The Brides that were sold on the Save Our Cabin Auction Site.  Other cast members have donated items to auction as well. 

In October, 1999 Bridget and her close friend (Robert Brown's wife), Elisse Pogofsky-Harris joined forces at Bridget's home one weekend to have a yard sale. I helped Bridget and Elisse out with the yard sale on Saturday. Below is a photo of Bridget and her daughter Bronwyn goofing off at the sale.

Bridget and her daughter Bronwyn
Photo by Patti  Oct. 1999

Bridget gave the proceeds of the yard sale to the Cabin Store which in turn donated the money to the Save Our Cabin Campaign!

The Save Our Cabin Store raised over $5,000 dollars for the Cabin!  The Save Our Cabin Store and the many people who helped and supported the Store are to be congratulated and thanked for their efforts to make the SAVE OUR CABIN STORE a TOP DONOR! The Store and the fans who supported the store have been honored in the Founders Circle. We have received our own plaque that is on display in the Cabin! 

Many, many, thanks from myself and Bridget to the the fans and friends who donated items and purchased items on the Cabin Store. We  specfically want to thank the top contributors to the Store in cash donations, items donated for sale, or both!

Bobbi Denney  

Karen Osher

Karen Harris 

Anne Simonetti

Patricia LaFerrara

Cheryl Riordan

Kim Motteler

Lee Weidner   

I wish to thank each and every one of you who supported Bridget, myself, and the Save Our Cabin Store. Special thanks to Bobbi Denney, Karen Harris, Mary Grout, LaDene Morton, Robert Brown, Cindy Beard, and Mary Kleinsmith for the moral support! 
---Patti Wilkins

Goofy Bridget at the yard sale
Photo by Patti  Oct. 1999

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